Lead Scientist


Frank Baas MD, Ph.D

Frank Baas MD, PhD is Professor of Neurogenetics, current head of the Neurogenetics laboratory at the AMC at the University of Amsterdam and a board certified Clinical Molecular geneticist. In 2006 he became Head of the Genome Analysis facility AMC. In 1991 he became assistant Professor at the Department of Neurology, University of Amsterdam Academic Medical Centre, and specializes in human molecular (neuro) genetics, staying on as an honorary staff member of the Netherlands Cancer Institute from 1991-1996. In 1989-1991 he was scientist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, Division of Molecular Biology, establishing a research group on the regulation of gene expression and the identification of new mechanisms for multidrug resistance. Frank Baas obtained his MD (1982) and his PhD (1986) in Amsterdam (UvA). From 1987-1988 he was visiting scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cancer Center (D.E. Housman) and Harvard University (T. Maniatis). Frank Baas has published over 250 peer-reviewed papers in the field of human genetics. He is also a named inventor on patents in the fields of neurodegeneration and cancer.


Valeria Ramaglia, M.Sc., Ph.D

Valeria Ramaglia, M.Sc., Ph.D is a post-doctoral researcher at the AMC in Amsterdam. After graduating magna cum laude at the University of Bologna in 2001, Valeria obtained her M.Sc. degree in Neurophysiology at the University of Toronto in 2003. In 2008, she joined the laboratory of Prof. Paul B. Morgan at Cardiff University Medical School where she trained in complement biology and its role in the diseased brain. In 2008 she obtained the Ph.D in Medicine in the laboratory of Prof. Frank Baas. In 2010 she received a fellowship of the Dutch Brain Foundation (Hersenstichting) to extend her studies to cover the role of the complement system in the traumatized brain (traumatic brain injury, TBI). Currently, Valeria's aim is to elucidate the mechanisms leading to neuropathology, identify targets for therapy and test novel treatments to prevent, halt or reverse neurological disability. In 2013, Valeria and Frank Baas received a research grant from the American National Multiple Sclerosis Society to define the role of the complement system in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis.


Kees Fluiter, PhD

Kees Fluiter PhD is a scientist working as part Prof. Baas' team at the Academic Medical Center. He is a biochemist who studied at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. He obtained his PhD in 1998 at the University of Leiden, the Netherlands at the lab of Theo van Berkel studying HDL cholesterol metabolism in the liver. He joined Prof. Baas' lab in 1998 and worked as a post-doc on allele specific inhibition of cancer using antisense oligonucleotides. Kees Fluiter's research focuses on the complement system and its role in recovery of the nervous system after trauma and disease. He is inventor of several patents and is currently developing MAC inhibitors for Regenesance.